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13 April, 2012 | GAE Cupboard Permalink

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GAE Cupboard has migrated from Master/Slave to HRD, some thoughts on the process.

Hi folks
yesterday I finally turned the switch to migrate GAE Cupboard from the ol' M/S to the new HRD.
Everything went smooth and the process took just 15 minutes to complete all the steps, from data migration to the final gaecupboard-->gaecupboard-hrd aliasing step.

Here are a couple of problems I got once the migration process finished:

  1. The migration tool creates new Keys for every entity migrated to the new Datastore. Since the entity key is used as part of the Url to point to a specific Post, after the migration all the urls are changed.
    This is a problem because the Search feature provided by Google is now broken, all the results point to the old urls that lead to a 404 Not Found; Ok, all I have to do is to wait for Google to reindex all of the posts with the new Urls.
    If you do care about SEO and such and such, pay attention on this because this will affect your ranking for sure.
  2. For the same reason of the point 1, I had to recreate all the sitemap_index.xml structure because the stored urls in each child sitemap were targeting the broken path using the old keys.

Aside of the two problems above, the Migration tool was pretty solid to use; great work GAE team!


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