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13 June, 2016 Featured | DETAILS

Play Framework on Google App Engine - 2016

Presentation on Play Framework 1 & 2 on GAE. Productivity Stack


08 November, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

GAPE, a DSL for the Google App Engine

GAPE is a Domain Specific Language, for the Google App Engine, created with Xtext. Xtext is an awesome open source framework for programming languages and DSLs covering all aspect of language development. The final result is a full featured development environment integrated with Eclipse including syntax highlighting, code completion, quick-fixes etc


20 October, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

App Engine Dev Tips

Ten Google App Engine development tips by iRomin


04 July, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

GAE Studio

GAE Studio assists developers in optimizing their Google App Engine applications. Using real-time analysis of database requests, GAE Studio will rapidly identify inefficient queries and gather precise data that will help developers trim query delays.


04 July, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

The App Engine Way - Ben Kamens

Useful tips for the App Engine newcomers.


01 July, 2013 Featured | DETAILS


A google reader clone built with go on app engine and angularjs


23 April, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

Group Messaging for App Engine

This example application is a demo showing multichannel messaging/chat using the App Engine Channel API, App Engine's XMPP chat integration, and Twilio SMS.


23 April, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

Accessing Redis from Google App Engine - xhroot

Accessing Redis on EC2 using the new Google App Engine 1.7.7 Sockets API.


02 April, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

Apache Isis Framework on GAE

An Apache Isis Framework Viewer based on the DHTMLX component library and running on the Google App Engine


20 March, 2013 Featured | DETAILS


Tailbone is an open source project for frontend web developers that lets you read and write to the App Engine datastore using only JavaScript without requiring server-side programming.


09 March, 2013 Featured | DETAILS


Boilerplate for creating an api with flask and appengine ndb


03 March, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

Collaborative Hosted IDE - DevTable

Development of Google App Engine apps with Python directly on the cloud, without having to install and run the App Engine SDK locally.


26 January, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

Google Cloud Platform · GitHub

Google Cloud Platform on Github: samples and tools for App Engine, BigQuery, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, and Cloud Storage.


22 January, 2013 Featured | DETAILS


LeanEngine is an open source project aiming at making the development of cloud-enabled mobile applications really simple, fast and fun. It consists of a pre-configured Google App Engine server and client libraries for mobile clients. It lets you focus on developing your mobile app while it handles all the boring and complicated stuff like logins (Facebook, Google, Twitter, OpenID), saving data to the cloud, querying data from the cloud, security.


20 January, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

GAE Monitor

App Engine monitoring tool measuring datastore, memcache and defer performance.


14 January, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

Optimizing Your App Engine App - Google IO 2012

Johan Euphrosine, Google Developer Program Engineer, presents Datastore pattern and Anti-pattern and how to optimize your App Engine App with Appstats.


09 January, 2013 Featured | DETAILS

User authentication with webapp2 on Google App Engine | @abahgat's blog

Step-by-step tutorial addressing user registration, login, password reset and a few other details.


31 December, 2012 Featured | DETAILS

Tutorial: Django 1.4 on Appengine using Google Cloud SQL

How to start a Django 1.4 project running on GAE using Google Cloud SQL as database.


30 December, 2012 Featured | DETAILS

walkaround - Wave on App Engine - Google Project Hosting

Walkaround is a variant of Wave, based on the Apache Wave code base, that runs on App Engine. Walkaround can import waves from to allow users to keep working with their data after is shut down.


30 November, 2012 Featured | DETAILS


An experimental new development server for Google App Engine with multithreaded serving, warmup requests, correct import ordering, high-replication datastore emulation and a much faster logs API.


29 September, 2012 Featured | DETAILS


Algae is a flexible and easy to use application template for Google App Engine providing features like user management and third-party authentication.


11 September, 2012 Featured | DETAILS


ProtoRPC message passing in App Engine Task Queues


29 August, 2012 Featured | DETAILS

App Engine Load Testing and Performance Tips - YouTube

Fred Sauer and Lein Valdex present some performance tips and some best practices for load testing on App Engine.


23 August, 2012 Featured | DETAILS

Dylan Vassallo | A Hitchhiker's Guide to Upgrading App Engine Models to NDB

Dylan Vassallo, software engineering intern at the Khan Academy, share his "plan of attack" that you can use to transition from the old Datastore API to the newest NDB API.


23 August, 2012 Featured | DETAILS

App Engine & Cloud SQL - YouTube

Cloud SQL team guys talk about the newest features and tips & tricks of their product.


09 August, 2012 Featured | DETAILS

When does the App Engine scheduler use a new thread vs. a new instance? - Stack Overflow

A +50 bounty awarded by me to Proppy to answer this intriguing app engine scheduler question asked by a Google employee .


29 July, 2012 Featured | DETAILS

Google I/O 2012 - Optimizing Your Google App Engine App - YouTube

Troy Trimble, Marzia Niccolai and Greg DarkeLearn explain how to optimize your GAE application to increase your reliability, increase your performance, and reduce your costs


16 July, 2012 Featured | DETAILS

Modern Web Apps at Scale With Google App Engine

Developing a fancy webapp using HTML5, Google API JavaScript client library and Google cloud endpoints


04 July, 2012 Featured | DETAILS

Google I/O 2012 - Building Mobile App Engine Backends for Android, iOS and the Web - YouTube

How to use App Engine to build backend APIs to support mobile applications running on Android, iOS, and mobile browsers.


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